Next-Level Support and Education from 7E Wellness

Next-Level Support and Education from 7E Wellness

True Microcurrent technology and advanced MyoLift™ microcurrent machines are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 7E Wellness. We wanted to give you some insight into all that makes 7E Wellness a leader in next-level support and education for esthetics and beauty professionals!

Free Webinars

free webinars from 7ewellness to learn about microcurrent

Almost every Monday, 7E Wellness hosts complimentary webinars to educate everyone from professional estheticians to skincare enthusiasts. In these webinars our educators walk viewers through various topics from introductions to MyoLift™ microcurrent devices, to explanations of our accessories and deep-dives into how our True Microcurrent technology works. You can even watch demos of the products in action to see just how easy-to-operate and effective the products are! Often times, these webinars leave time for general question and answer sessions so that your unique needs and inquiries can be addressed. We invite you to check out our upcoming webinar schedule and pop in to see for yourself!


One-on-One Training

one-on-one training with 7ewellness

For our professional clients who need a little extra guidance to perfect pinch-and-hold techniques, understanding waveforms and more, our educators are available to schedule in-person or online one-on-one training sessions. This approach gives clients a judgement-free zone to fully absorb the product information and integrate it into their beauty business.


Online Microcurrent Certification Courses

get your microcurrent education and certification online for professional estheticians

About once a month, the 7E Wellness team hosts an educational webinar to grant clients their microcurrent certification. This online course with a live demo on protocols is a deep-dive into the various range of currents as well as open discussions of best practices, further strengthening your skills and credibility as a microcurrent provider. You can attend this course from the comfort of your home or office as it will be hosted on the free webinar platform, Zoom! Certificates are mailed out within 10 days of completing the course and exam.


Live Demos at Tradeshows

live demos of myolift microcurrent machines

7E Wellness educators also provide hands-on, live demos of our MyoLift™ microcurrent products at aesthetics conferences and shows across the United States. We understand that seeing a product in action and having a tangible experience with it can help clear up a lot of confusion as to what the proper movements and protocols are for a modality.


Customer Support and Training Portals

education and support for myolift microcurrent machines

One of the biggest assets to MyoLift™ microcurrent machine owners is access to custom support and training portals for maximizing their experience with MyoLift™. Depending on which microcurrent device clients purchase, they will receive digital product manuals, FAQs, warranty details, protocols, consent forms and more! This wealth of support and resources ensures that clients have information at their fingertips at all times to boost their confidence as a MyoLift™ provider.

Curriculum Creation and Training for Aesthetics Schools


example of education lesson from 7ewellness for myolift microcurrent

Do you run a beauty & aesthetics school? Consider adding an in-depth curriculum on True Microcurrent to your education plan. 7E Wellness loves to provide training and education for estheticians in training. Since this technology is becoming one of the highest-requested non-invasive treatments for anti-aging, we feel microcurrent should be well taught in school settings. More information on exactly what packages we can provide to your school will be available on our website in the near future, but for now we hope you'll read this perspective from our CEO, Pooja Johari, and contact our headquarters if True Microcurrent education is something you want to bring to your organization!


Access to Licensed Estheticians and Microcurrent Educators


talk to a licensed esthetician about your microcurrent questions comments and concerns

During business hours, we encourage you to call and speak to a real person about your microcurrent questions, comments and concerns. Our licensed estheticians and MyoLift™ microcurrent educators can give you more insight on how our technology works, how it compares to similar products on the market, and give their unique perspective on amplifying your esthetics business with True Microcurrent.

There's so much more than meets the eye when you have MyoLift™ in your toolkit. Make sure to take advantage of every resource you have available to you and make MyoLift™ professional microcurrent machines a staple in your treatment room!

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