Where can I purchase 7E MyoLift™ Microcurrent Machine?

Where can I purchase 7E MyoLift™ Microcurrent Machine? - 7E Wellness

So you've done your research on the best microcurrent machines on the market and you've decided that 7E MyoLift™ is the perfect fit for your aesthetics business.

We know this decision doesn't come lightly. And we're thrilled to have you as part of the 7E Community!

Our mission has always been to empower aesthetics professionals worldwide with advanced, FDA-cleared microcurrent technology & education. Because of this we not only sell 7E MyoLift™ technology directly from our Online Shop, but also take special care to partner with professional, highly reputable aesthetics supplies distributors.

If you're wondering where you can purchase your 7E MyoLift™ True Microcurrent machine, here are your best options.

7E Wellness MyoLift Online Shop

7E Wellness Online Shop

You can purchase any 7E MyoLift™ True Microcurrent machine or accessory at our online shop. On our online shop, we offer all our elite at-home and professional grade microcurrent machines with result-oriented protocols. We support aestheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners with education, training and ongoing innovative protocols that provide immediate results using our FDA-cleared and non-invasive products.


the esthetician connection partnership with 7e wellness and myolift

The Esthetician Connection

You can purchase unique 7E MyoLift™ Bundles through The Esthetician Connection or even create your own bundle! The Esthetician Connection, or ‘The EC’ as it is known worldwide, your comprehensive Esthetics and Wellness Professional Community. They are dedicated to connecting licensed skincare professionals to forward moving, prominent, and well researched esthetic brands and, in turn, connecting those brands and professionals to potential clients for their businesses.

The EC is the brainchild of Sheri Flasch and is the world’s largest online community of forward-thinking Esthetic Professionals, cutting-edge Beauty & Wellness Vendors, and innovation-seeking Skin Care Aficionados.

Their team works tirelessly to bring you the latest information on the best products, companies, and trends in the Esthetics and Wellness industry has to offer. Whether it be a great promotion on the latest products, insights into the today’s newest modalities, interviews with industry icons, articles on esthetic or wellness techniques, reviews on emerging ingredients, or opinions on the best companies to work with, etc…they’ve got you covered.


Esthetician & Spa Supplies and 7E Wellness Microcurrent

Esthetician & Spa Supplies

You can purchase 7E MyoLift™ 600 and our Conductive Gloves through Esthetician & Spa Supplies. Esthetician & Spa Supplies is a company that helps connect estheticians to quality affordable equipment & supplies for estheticians and spas!


ProSkin Guru and Jenn Buker partnership with 7E Wellness and myolift microcurrent

ProSkin Guru

You can purchase 7E MyoLift™ Mini and 7E MyoLift™ 600, along with various 7E Wellness accessories from ProSkin Guru. ProSkin Guru, Jenn Buker, helps find and review the best technology and equipment for the aesthetics industry.