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Men and Microcurrent - 7E Wellness
The time has come to revisit the conversation of men’s skin care. Specifically, men and non-surgical Microcurrent facials. In the past, we’ve explored some of the unique makeup of men’s skin and the best simple skin care tips for the everyday man. Today we will be focusing in more on what to know when it comes to men and Microcurrent facials.
Weaning Off Botox and Onto Non-Invasive Alternatives - 7E Wellness
We are in full support of an anti aging skincare regimen that utilizes both Botox and Microcurrent if it fits your goals. Whether you decide to use both or only one of these anti aging options is entirely up to your preference, lifestyle and comfort level.
Safety Tip: Microcurrent Facials and Thyroid - 7E Wellness
To ensure your microcurrent facial treatments are performed with your safety in mind we want to highlight the importance of safe treatment with microcurrent for neck aging. Specifically, we want to highlight the importance of why we must avoid the Thyroid area to prevent adverse side effects from your anti aging treatments.